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Gilat Satcom provides communication services through its partner, XIRCOM INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLGY LIMITED to customers in remote areas where no other form of communication is available. Whether on land, in flight or at sea, our services are ideal for government agencies, emergency services, telcos, transportation, oil & gas corporations and other entities.

Gilat Satcom mobile satellite-based communication solutions utilize the leading satellite platforms including Iridium and Inmarsat. We offer global voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the earth – deserts, oceans, airways and Polar Regions – beyond radio, cellular and other satellite services.

Our affordable global solutions keep you connected where life takes you. With a wide array of portable and fixed products, Gilat Satcom mobile satellite solutions meet the special communication needs of every industry.

  • True global coverage
  • Dependable connection anywhere on land, in flight or at sea
  • Selection of portable and fixed products
  • Wide variety of applications
  • Leading mobile satellite platforms
  • 24x7 support

Applications and Services
  • Mobile telephone
  • Mobile broadband Internet
  • Aviation and maritime voice & Internet connectivity
  • Variety of M2M modems & solutions
  • Fleet tracking & management systems
  • SCADA communication platforms

On Land

Gilat Satcom leverages the leading mobile satellite platforms to provide instant voice and high-speed data services in the most remote locations around the globe. our solutions enable professionals, remote network, defense organizations, business people and travelers to stay in touch with their home base.

In Flight

Gilat Satcom satellite-based, in-flight solutions make communication simple, reliable and affordable. Users are able to send and receive voice, messaging and data at any altitude or position above the earth. With equipment options that ate compact and simple to install, Gilat Satcom’s solutions are ideal for the needs of aviation communications.

At Sea

Gilat Satcom provides a wide range of communication services for the maritime industry enabling connectivity even while deep at sea. Our cost-effective solutions help improve day-to-day operators with instant and robust connectivity. Gilat Satcon satellite-based voice, data and Internet communication services comply with the most stringent regulations.

M2M Solutions

Gilat Satcom’s M2M solutions enable companies to track their assets and to access them in real time. Our M2M solutions facilitate the delivery of information to and from anywhere in the world, helping companies to identify problems and manage their assets and operations much more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fleet Management

Gilat Satcom’s fleet-management solutions reduce risk, improve safety, ensure personal security, and optimize fleet operations. Our solutions provide you with reliable and up-to-date data on truck availability, driver performance, accidents, and more.

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